Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Waiting for Easter

Fr. Andy Parker shared the poetry of Franz Wright with his poetry class last Sunday and then emailed me his notes. The notes from this class have been fodder for Lenten reflection over the last month. I've never read Wright, but his poetry caught me by surprise. It's dark and even maybe a little hard to read, but it leaves one with a sense of hope - a glimpse of resurrection.

In response to Wright's poetry (and life), these words rather fell from my pen this morning:

Her heart leaks through her eyes
her chest heaves with heaviness
and her bones ache.
She groans.


Hope stirs and reaches
for that new life
   bald-headed, chubby-cheeked
   joy of infant delight
   silly giggles
   and too-oft repeated “knock-knock” jokes.

“Newness of life” she whispers
as waters continue
to stream through the sieves.

Heart breaks
hope stirs
blood-red buds
stand poised
ready to break into bloom.