Sunday, December 6, 2015

Gospel Challenge, Make Straight the Way

Prepare the way of the Lord
make his paths straight.
Luke 3:4b

Prepare a straight path for God to come
or go?
which is it?
the Mystery moves?

Assemble the crew and
draw up the plans,
roll up your sleeves
this work won't be easy,
nor cheap. Don't forget to
consider the cost.

Clear the land.
Chop down the trees,
remove the brush and boulders.
Bring in the bulldozers and the wrecking ball.
Get it all organized, like ants hauling those huge hunks of leaves
on the floor of that forest you saw last winter.

Work up a sweat,
break blisters,
get thirsty and hungry
wear those bruises and calluses
like your finest party dress.

This work is dirty and hard
but someone has to do it.